The FAAC program follows the 19th century academic ateliers. It is created to serve the needs of beginners and advanced students alike. An artist in every domain needs drawing skills, you are only as good as painter, designer or tattoo-artist as you can draw. The 3 dimensional objects transferred traditionally on paper or canvas will train your eye and hand coordination and will give you a better understanding of space and perspective.

The drawing courses allow students to learn the procedure of outline and shapes, dots to lines and of course volumes. From cast drawings to life drawing models, through nature or still life, each one of this subjects includes an ocean of information through which our teachers will guide you, and simplify the processing of this information through classical knowledge of form, shapes, line, perspective, light, values, gestures, proportions etc.

Our program is designed to serve the needs of advanced as well as the strengthen the skills of beginners.

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15:00 - 20:00
Drawing with Axel Thierauf


15:00 - 20:00
Drawing with Ivan Dimov


15:00 - 20:00
Drawing with Axel Thierauf and Ivan Dimov