Workshops & Seminars

In addition to its studies, the FAAC offers workshops throughout the year. All workshops are aimed at beginners as well as advanced students. In the workshops the students will deepen and apply individual contents of the study. Each workshop deals with its own topic and is led by international artists who contribute their personal experiences and techniques. As a rule, a maximum of 18 people can participate in a workshop.


Painting Techniques with Michael Hutter

11.11.2023 – 12.11.2023

“Based on the technique of the old Flemish and Dutch masters, I have developed my own oil and watercolor painting technique, with the help of which I have been delving deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of my visionary, absurd painting for years. I would like to introduce these techniques to you and give you the necessary technical knowledge. The seminars are aimed at anyone who is interested in realizing their own picture ideas with great color brilliance – depth and beauty at a high artistic level.”

What you need:

For oil painting

– HB pencils, eraser

– Three high-quality sable brushes, round, strength 3, 4, and 6

– Egg tempera paint (e.g. Sennelier) Burnt Siena – Artists’ oil colors (e.g. Winsor & Newton or Oud Hollandse): light ocher light (opaque), burnt sienna, light Naples yellow, Indian yellow, light cadmium red, carmine red, manganese blue, ultramarine blue

– Palette, palette plug, gum turpentine

– A primed painting ground, I recommend a wooden panel primed with self-made chalk ground, approx. 30 x 30 cm. I teach the technique of priming in my seminars For watercolor painting

– Fineliner black and waterproof, or better black ink, pen and fine drawing pen, pencils and erasers

– Two high-quality sable hair brushes, round, strength 3 and 4

– A round brush size 20 – Artists’ watercolours: Light Cadmium Yellow, Indian Yellow, Light Cadmium Red, Carmine Red, Phtalo Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue

– Fine grain watercolor paper (Arches, grain fin!!!!), block glued on four sides, ox gall, pipette.

The participation fee is 120€.

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Character Design with Kristina Stroh

new date will be announced soon

“How do I develop an exciting character and then put it on paper? What makes a super villain and what makes a superhero? How do I represent a broken person who still has a brave light burning deep inside?
What makes my character cute, cheeky, malicious and unique in general? How do I draw a head from all perspectives, how the body? How do I not only add dynamics to my poses, but also represent the individual character traits of my character. A character, a figure, consists of more than just pure physical attributes. Just like a character from a novel, a comic character has a story, a background, preferences, fears, mistakes, and virtues. All these individual traits naturally shape the appearance, the facial expression, the gestures, and the posture, and how to do this most sensibly, we will look at this weekend.”

What you need:

The participation fee is 100€.

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